Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alex, is pregressing nicely in her fitness program. We are working with her on weight traing 3-4 days a week. Also Kelly Furlong ( who has been a great addition to Zen ) is training Alex in her 'Ballistic" Cardio class. We will soon be moving Alex's weight training to our second faculity 'Dedicated Fitness' at 104 south main in the Combined Building next to Textures Salon. Which is our new weight and machine training gym. But her Cardio training will remain at Zen w/ Kelly.
Alex has been losing weight and toning up quickly. We have her keeping a food log and working with her to improve her diet. She is an amazing young lady who I am quickly becoming very close to. We are mixing up her training with many different techniques that Crystal and I have learned and used on ourselves. Each workout is getting more challenging for her but she is very determined to reach her goals.

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TJ Schoenborn